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Dates of Check-in and Check-out:

  • October 27th - 30th
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  • We do not recommend this tour for children younger than 5 years of age.
  • All our tours are a minimum of 3 nights, 4 days to ensure a memorable experience.

(For any customizations regarding longer tours or transit points (transfers from railway stations/airports other than provided in the package, please contact us directly)


Day 1


Arrival at your transit point Jabalpur (we recommend arriving in the morning so you don’t miss your evening safari) and transfer to your hotel at Bandhavgarh. On arrival, check-in, freshen up and rest before taking lunch during which, your naturalist and host for the entire duration of the safari experience, will give you a short orientation to the Bandhavgarh National Park. Return to the room to get ready for our first safari today evening, along with advice on preparations for the safari. Our naturalist host will be on hand to assist you with preparations and any queries as regards photography & natural history. Return to the hotel, we relive the experiences from our first safari over tea. We get together for dinner before retiring early in the night to get enough rest for our safari the next morning.

Day 2

Morning, Evening Safari

We rise just before dawn to get ready for our first morning safari in the Bandhavgarh National Park. A short session with tea and light snacks, where our naturalist host will help you with any last-minute preparations before we depart for the safari, carrying along a packed breakfast. Return to the hotel post safari for lunch and some rest. We shall then depart for the evening safari. Our evening’s schedule remains the same as day one, and we shall also try and introduce you to some of the conservation stories of Bandhavgarh.

Day 3

Same as Day 2

Same as Day 2.

Day 4


After a busy few days of safaris, the morning will be for rest and recuperation before we go back to our daily lives. You may also choose to go for an early morning nature trail where we will acquaint you with some of the wildlife in the property grounds, before you’re all packed and we bid you adieu till our next wild wandering. Should you require an early transfer back to Jabalpur, please let us know.


  1. 3 nights' stay in air-conditioned rooms inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  2. 5 Jeep safaris.
  3. All park & safari fees (except camera fees where applicable).
  4. A professional, qualified naturalist who will be your host for the experience and guiding you on safari.
  5. Complimentary roof prism binoculars for the duration of the experience for viewing wildlife up close.
  6. Transfers in air-conditioned vehicles to and from the city of arrival Jabalpur
  7. A 4-7 minute Wilderlust movie of your safari experience to be provided post your trip (within 4 weeks of trip)
  8. A private Google photos album of high-quality images of the guests on safari as well as of the wildlife encountered.
  9. All associated taxes based on the costs above.


  1. Airfare/Rail fare to the transit point.
  2. Any additional services or meals requested at the property.
  3. Beverages are not included as part of meals as well as bottled water.
  4. Tips to hotel or safari personnel.
  5. Any other fees or costs not mentioned in the inclusions.

Payment Policy:

INR 8,500 per person to be paid at the time of booking to reserve your seat.

50% of the tour cost is to be paid after 4 days from the date of the first payment.

Balance payment to be paid 2 weeks after the second payment.

100% of the tour cost is to be paid 30 days before the date of departure.

For any fresh bookings made within 30 days of the date of departure, the payment schedule would be communicated by Wilderlust Expeditions via email/WhatsApp.

The trip will be considered as confirmed only if the above payment procedure is followed.

Failure to make the requisite payment by the due date will result in forfeiture of the seat & any previous payments made.

Cancellation Policy:

For any cancellation done before 45 days of the date of departure, a flat cancellation fee of INR 5000 would be applied.

For any cancellation made 45 days before the departure or later, the following policy applies:

30 - 45 days before the date of departure 50% of the tour cost
16 - 29 days before the date of departure 75% of the tour cost
0 - 15 days before the date of departure 100% of tour cost

For tour bookings that include dates of public holidays including Dusshera , Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day , Republic Day, Diwali, Eid -al-Adha , Christmas, New Years's  Eve & Holi, please note cancellation cost would be as follows :

INR 5000 per person if cancelled 85 days before the date of departure

65 - 84 days before the date of departure: 25% of the cost

45 - 64 days before the date of departure: 50% of the tour cost

0-44 days before the date of departure: 100% of the cost

For more details on terms & conditions & privacy policy, please visit https://www.shashankbirla.com/privacypolicy/

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There are a limited number of jeep safari permits available in any park. You can either book the jeep for your group exclusively or it is booked with sharing with other visitors (in most cases, the max capacity of a jeep is six, five in case of our naturalist and host who travels with you). Booking the jeep exclusively may result in a significant difference in cost especially when the number of travellers is 3 or lower. Conversely, an exclusive jeep may result in a better experience for your group as the route and experience can be charted according to what your group would like to see.

We understand every visitor’s burning desire to gain an audience with the king and queen of the jungle. However, seeing the big cat is never, ever easy! Even in the best places known for sighting wild tigers, you could go for 10 safaris, and not see a single tiger. Conversely, you may see multiple tigers on a single safari. So be wary of anyone ever promising you a tiger sighting! A tiger is seen only when it wants to be seen. But don’t worry, it’s not all luck. The all-important art of tracking big cats always helps to improve one’s odds and our team works round the clock to always give our guests the best chance of spotting one. It was why we also recommend to always stay a minimum of 3 nights and do 5 safaris to help overcome those challenging odds. This combination has held us in good stead (check out our previous videos!) And we are careful not to tinker too much with this recipe for a memorable safari experience.

Invariably, when you are constantly on the lookout for a tiger, you will miss seeing the other natural treasures the jungle has to offer. It is why we are careful on our safari journeys to not only focus on the big cat, but to keep our eyes and ears open for whatever the jungle may present us. We can certainly promise you that you will be seeing a diversity of wildlife and landscapes. Watching the behaviour of even commonly seen animals can be extremely gratifying, and if you haven’t started bird-watching yet, we promise you are in for a treat! Not to mention the abundance of stories of the landscape you will get to hear to from the naturalist, forest guide and drivers and even the hotel staff! And yes, sometimes you may even spot wildlife rarer than tigers, a stealthy leopard, a shuffling sloth bear or agile dholes/wild dogs.

Over the course of visiting jungles in the past 25 years, we have found that the secret to a memorable safari holiday is to actually spend a minimum amount of time in the destination. Doing just 2-3 safaris may often result in disappointment, especially if you are intent of seeing big cats. Your naturalist and host would undertake a lot of time studying movement patterns but it does take a certain amount of time, effort and yes, luck for those memorable sightings. Also just doing 2-3 safaris on average, mean lesser time communing with nature both during safari and at the safari lodge leading to the lack of an immersive experience. The strong positive, and most importantly consistent feedback we have received when we decided to make our tours a minimum of 3 nights has reinforced our decision to keep to this duration to deliver our best and to ensure you have a safari experience of a lifetime.

Your Wilderlust host’s role goes far beyond your time on safari in the jungle. While he/she would always make sure to do their best to answer all your queries about the wildlife, share stories and information about it, the conservation history of park and its landscape, he/she will also be working collectively with the forest department-mandated guide and driver in tracking those ever elusive big cats. Ensuring a seamless travel experience from the airport, hotel, co-ordinating your vehicle arrival, departure times, taking care of any specific requests while staying at the lodge, bookings in the best zones possible at any given point of time are just some of the many aspects they are constantly working on. Further, they are also shooting both images and video of both, your group and the wildlife you encounter, to create a digital photo album and a Wilderlust movie of your memorable time in the wild.

The Wilderlust movie is a unique offering of our safari experiences. Over the course of guiding visitors in the jungle, we have found that many visitors love to regale stories of their experiences with their friends and families. We initially provided photos of wildlife and the visitors themselves which they could share with their near and dear ones, but we found that it alone didn’t truly capture of magic of being out in the wild, whether it is exploring the verdant wilds of the jungle or that heart-stopping moment of a tiger walking towards your jeep. We wanted to capture all of this on film, not just the tiger and other wildlife, the beautiful natural locations but even the emotions and expressions of the guests themselves. This gave birth to the Wilderlust movie, a short video montage capturing all that is special in exploring India’s wilds, in the guests’ own words!

In over 25 years of experiencing the jungle, we have come to understand the importance of perhaps one of the underrated tools on safari, binoculars. Wildlife is often shy, retreating and doesn’t necessarily like to be approached closely, so the best way is to watch them from a safe distance within their comfort level. For seeing the diversity of beautiful birds, it becomes even more important. And not just any binocular, a binocular that is comfortable to carry, doesn’t strain your neck, easy to use and providing crystal clear views. Such binoculars don’t come cheaply, and while regular safari goers do eventually buy their own, we understand buying these binoculars may not be practical for every visitor. So, we carry high-quality roof prism binoculars with us! And they’re yours till the end of your Wilderlust journey, to ensure there is no compromise in your viewing experience.

Yes, in fact it is our solemn duty to do that. We would be taking photos of your groups as well as the wildlife you encounter, and sharing it as a digital photo album which you can easily share with friends and family.

Every single wildlife tour operator brings their own unique blend of service offerings on wildlife tours. In the same way, the unique mix of our offerings including a professional, qualified naturalist, roof prism binoculars for viewing, high quality wildlife images, the Wilderlust movie we create of your time in the wilderness as well as the safari and service itself among so many other facets help us stand out. Many of these services may not get reflected in other tour packages as they are simply not there, or there are other services in their place. Our reviews on Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor as well as the words shared by our guests on previous videos have motivated us to continue delivering value and to never compromise on this offering.

Your tour package is absolutely all-inclusive, including your stay, meals, transfers and safaris, so you needn’t pay anything additional on the trip. However, we do recommend you always carry a small amount of cash for souvenirs as well and tips, gratuities to hotel staff and forest department-mandated guides and drivers.

While requirements may vary from person to person, here is a nifty list to go by:

1. Clothing in earthy dull shades (browns, greys, beige, khaki, dull green)

2. Wollen gloves, cap, scarf/muffler, thermals, sweater, jacket, socks in winter. A cap, sunscreen and sunglasses during the summer. Please always carry a rain jackets just in case for any unexpected rain.

3. Hot water bottle for relief in case of any back issues. (Safaris can be bumpy)

4. Same original Identity Proofs as provided over mail for safaris (Very important)

5. First Aid kit & Prescription Medication (Antihistamines for allergies)

6. Torch+ batteries

7. Mosquito Repellant

8. Camera + memory cards + batteries (Optional)

9. Power Bank

10. Hand Sanitizer

11. Packed Snacks for our time on safari.

12. Face masks

13. Hankerchief (Can double up as a dust mask and a wet one can be worn around the neck to relieve heat)

14. Comfortable walking shoes

15. Lip balm

16. Cash for additional expenses (ATMs are usually not closeby)

17. Chargers for all electronic equipment

1. We recommend guests taking a COVID-19 antigen/RT-PCR test before travelling. This is not only for your safety, but also to ensure that you are compliant that with any travel restrictions that may be announced (states are much more likely to allow travel if you have a recent negative test). However, this is a recommendation and not compulsory. Your host and naturalist would also be taking a COVID-19 test before the tour.

2. While our max group size is 11, unless a family or a specific group is travelling together, we will be avoiding group activities where the entire group is engaged together in close proximity. Even during meal times, we will be having families, couples, individuals who have travelled separately, sitting separately. While your naturalist and host will be in the vicinity, they will also be dining separately.

3. We will be maximising our time in the outdoors (if comfortable for you, meals will be offered in outdoor locations, rather than indoor ones, weather permitting).

4. In case of any declaration of your neighbourhood as a containment zone or contraction of COVID-19 of any group members before travel after booking, a credit note would be provided for the full amount paid to be used on any tour 6 months from the date of booking. 

5. Masks need to be worn by the guests at all times to ensure both their safety as well as those of other guests.

6. Hand sanitisers would be provided in the safari vehicles as well as those for transfers.

7. All hotel rooms would be sanitised and cleaned before guests’ arrival. The naturalist and host would be on site before your arrival to ensure compliance with the above.

8. We would be complying with the forest department’s recommended standards for safari seating. This may vary from 4 to 6 adults per vehicle depending on the destination, except if the group has taken an exclusive jeep booking.

9. In case you would like to avail of additional COVID-19 Hospitalization Travel Insurance Cover, please contact us.

While photography is not the primary focus of our expedition, we will do our best to provide you opportunities and guidance for photography as well (as we will be shooting photos and videos as well).

Absolutely! The objective of this expedition is make you experience the magic of the wild, and we will be always be thrilled to share this with someone who will be visiting the wilderness for the first time. Our trips are designed to introduce you to the wild in a comfortable environment, in an unhurried manner, which we truly believe is the way to be one with nature.

Ranthambore is best accessed from Jaipur. The distance between the airport and the hotel is around 180 kms which would take around 4-5 hrs to reach.

Yes, visiting tiger reserves is quite safe. Many of our country’s popular tiger reserves see lakhs of visitors every year and numbers are growing every year. Our naturalists and guides also make sure we never disturb the animal duly and watch it from a careful distance on jeep. Your naturalist will be providing a detailed orientation of the rules to follow before you enter the park.

While we believe the sooner children are introduced to the wilderness the better, a 4-hour long safari can provide challenging for a young child’s comfort. Therefore, we do not usually allow children younger than 5 years of age on our tours. We do realize that some children adapt to safaris much quicker, and if a child is comfortable and used to taking safaris, we can look at exceptions but we believe such a policy is in the interest of comfort for all as well as the welfare of wildlife.


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