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Hi folks, Shashank here. Thank you for sharing your details, our ready reckoner on the ‘7 Tips to getting your wildlife images published’ is on the way to your mail box.

One of the key aspects of building a strong foundation in wildlife photography is to understand what your camera is capable of in order to deliver those great wildlife images.

And that’s why I thought, it’s a good idea to put all of these learnings into one place through our customized 1-to-1 learning sessions through virtual conferencing where we actually work specifically with the camera kit that you have, irrespective of the brand and make, thus making the learnings more practical than theoretical.

Apart from understanding your camera, what can also be quite useful to learn is to correctly edit and post-process your images as your camera has its limitations and it may not be exactly able to reproduce the light and colors that you saw with your eyes in the field. 

You can actually book an appointment for these coaching sessions through WhatsApp or Email wherein we shall share more details of these sessions and of course in case you have any questions, any clarifications, feel free to ask those.

The appointments can be booked absolutely free and it is only a couple of days before your chosen date that you actually have to decide if you really want to go ahead with the session.

Irrespective, I wish you all the best on your wildlife photography journey and if we do have an opportunity to catch up, I look forward to meeting you. Cheers!

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