Is bird watching starting to reel you in? This increasingly popular (and addictive!) hobby is witnessing a growth in India like never before, and more than ever, people are visiting their nearest patch of wilderness to uncover those beautiful avian treasures. However, it can be a challenging hobby first up. How do you spot those little black dots that flit in and out of the canopy for the barest of seconds?

When you first start birding, you will soon realize that having the right tools is invaluable for your long-term commitment to the hobby and therefore, it is vital to have a good set of binoculars for bird watching.  As your list of birds and the fascination to bird watch will increase, you will also be on the lookout for the best birding binoculars.

However, before you pick any basic binocular that says ‘perfect binoculars for beginners’, you need to understand a few scary-sounding terminologies which are actually relatively simple to understand. Here’s a breakdown!


When you talk about the magnification power, we refer to the size of the object that will appear through the binoculars. Suppose you find ’10×42′ written in the description of the binoculars. The 10x means the magnification power is 10x. This magnification 10x would in simple terms mean you would be able to see the object ten times closer to you than you would see from the naked eye.

The ’42’ refers to the size and diameter of the objective lens in millimetres.  The objective lens is a significant part of the binoculars, the larger the objective lens, the more light will enter the lens and provide clearer imagery.

Which binocular magnification is better for bird watching?

Bird watching can be a bit more challenging that watching an animal walking on the ground. When you view these feathery folks from a distance, as they flit through trees and bushes, or fly off to a different patch unpredictably, gaining as many details as possible for identification is quite a task.

In bird watching, both 8x and 10x are suitable for bird watching but any magnification less than or more than that in binoculars could prove unsuitable. Why so?….

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