The Wild. It inspires feelings of awe, wonder, and even fear. But there is a truth that cannot be denied. We are part of it, always have been. Indeed, we depend on natural systems for our own survival even as our immediate environment increasingly becomes one largely composed of metal and concrete. However, the moment you set foot in a natural wilderness, something changes. A sense of calm. A sense of belonging. You are one with nature.

However, we understand that the wilds can be daunting spending our lives, as many of us do in an urban environment. So, we have committed to a set of principles which we believe shall help us make our vision come true, of you experiencing the magic of the wild:

  1. Wilderness Exploration: This expedition is not recommended if the intention of your travel is to purely kick back and relax. While relaxing in the lap of nature will be part of the experience, the majority of our day will spend exploring the wilderness. Sighting wildlife can never be predicted, however, the more time you spend exploring the wilderness, the better the chances are you will be witness to amazing natural spectacles.
  2. Personalized Experience: With some of the most renowned naturalists and scientists accompanying us and a personalized ratio of naturalist to guest (1:3 in safari expeditions, 1:5 in case of walking expeditions) to provide an intimate nature interpretation experience, we believe the knowledge shared will truly enrich your explorations, and make you look at the wilderness like never before.
  3. Stay: Our chosen place of stay would be one that allows you to truly experience the wilderness and natural environment. In most cases, we would try the combine the above with all modern amenities, comforts, and a professional service level. However, in certain locations, facilities might be more basic, which we shall explicitly mention on the specific tour but we always aim to provide a stunning natural environment for your stay.
  1. Memories: While we hope to provide a memorable experience to you, we want these memories to be more than in your mind. This is why we will be documenting the expedition on video, capturing not only those amazing moments of rare and endangered wildlife we see but also of you watching them together with other fun-filled memories. We will be providing a short highlight movie (ranging from 3-5 minutes) within 2 weeks of return from the expedition for you to watch, share with family & friends and reminisce your time with us.
  2. A Responsible Outlook: While we will always have an impact whenever we visit the wilderness, it will be our effort to minimize the same, by making responsible and sustainable choices wherever possible and try the leave the wilderness as it was, if not in a better condition.